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Basildon's Penny's Mobile Beauty Therapy Does Great Eyelash Extensions

Salons in Basildon Offering Eyelash Extension Services

Only a qualified aesthetician should be trusted with your eyelash extensions. Look for a professional in Basildon who has proven experience of this process. Contact Penny's Mobile Beauty Therapy to answer all of your questions and book an appointment. Have your lashes transformed. Call 07752 314301 to book an appointment with Penny's Mobile Beauty Therapy today.

Getting Eyelash Extensions in and Around Basildon

To lengthen your lashes without applying mascara, get eyelash extensionsEyelash extensions are comfortable to wear and look natural. Made from synthetic materials, your eyelashes will not be weighed down by extensions. The extensions are produced to be applied one at a time, not in strips. In Basildon, your eyelash extensions can be applied properly by a professional.

Your Eyelash Extension Concerns in Basildon

There may be several questions you may have about eyelash extensions. Can you wear glasses or contact lenses with eyelash extensions? Yes you can. You are able to choose both the colour and length of extensions. Be sure to speak with an aesthetician in Basildon and have them address any concerns you may have.

The Application of Eyelash Extensions in Basildon

Eyelash extensions can be applied by an aesthetician in Basildon in one visit. To start with, you lie down while the aesthetician tapes your lower eyelids. They then apply the extensions, one lash at a time, with up to 100 being applied for each eye. There is not likely to be an allergic reaction to the glue because the extensions are glued directly to your lashes. The process is painless, though you may feel the aesthetician looking for the appropriate lashes to glue the extensions to.

How to Care for Eyelash Extensions in Basildon

After the process, your aesthetician may give you a list of things to do or not to do. For instance, you should not wet your eyes for at least two hours after application. Your lashes shouldn't be curled and waterproof mascara should not be applied. They may also tell you to refrain from rubbing your eyes as this may cause the extensions to fall out. These lashes will fall out with your natural lashes from time to time, so ask your aesthetician when you should go back for a touch-up.